• "Lepidoptera" -The Nocturnal Spirit-

    The wide wings of the Lepidoptera. The ring is built of several silver layers. It's worn on the middle finger and from there will move towards the edge of the hand. At the end of the "wings" a dark, grey-black Tahiti pearl is integrated into the design.
  • “Wings” - Warm Yellow Gold, Sapphire

    Gentle yet powerful. Once you slide it onto your finger, the magic and beauty of this ring will unfold. For more details about the design or to contact me, please click on the red i. Thank you!
  • Golden Ring, Free Design, Lapis-Lazuli, Afghanistan

    The concept of this design: Fluent lines, open spaces, a feeling of lightness. All of this in combination with the use of finest materials such as the lapis lazuli which in this case is evenly deep blue. To find out more about this design or to contact me, please click on the red i.
  • “Triangle” - Aquamarine - Warm Yellow Gold

    The clear blue aquamarine is of an intense color and full of life. Whoever will wear this ring, will be pleasantly surprised by how perfect it fits around ones finger and how comfortable it is with every movement of the hand. Would you like to know more about this design, please click on the red i. Thank you!
  • Golden Ear Jewels, Bi Color Tourmaline

    From the moment of coming across these special stones to the point of completing the design, actually a couple of years went by. In some remote corner of ones mind, shapes, lines, a whole design continuously develops, often rather unconsciously. In the end the result may appear to be just „natural”. All the elements of the final design where already given in the natural piece....
  • Silver Ear Jewels, Lapis Lazuli

    Symmetric a-symmetry, a contradiction it may be, but I do like to work with this theme. The achievement of the balanced imbalance. Just as is the case with these pieces. Put next to each other they may appear to be symmetric. If you would like to be informed about my work, please click on the red i.
  • Silver Ring "Bird Track"

    It's a large and wide silver ring. However it harmoniously fits into the hand and will therefore be worn very comfortably.
  • "In The Garden" - Golden Ring, Lapis Lazuli

    I cut the lapis from finest rough Afghan material. The ring is made in 18 ct. and the leaves in a special 20 ct. yellow color gold.
  • "The Spiritual Bouquet de Fleurs", Red-Brown Garnet

    Silver ring with blue-green tourmalines and facetted garnet combined. This playful design could also be crafted in gold and any colour combination precious stones. To contact me, please click on the red i. Thank you!
  • White Gold Cufflinks, Finest Aquamarine

    Certainly not the usual men's cufflinks....this may be the right choice for any man wishing to wear something truly special. You could choose any color stone you like.
  • Silver Ring, Aquamarin, Afghanistan

    Nowadays it is rare to find any aquamarine from Afghanistan. Let alone of such color intensity. I decided to create with it this object of art in the shape of a ring.
  • Various Designs For Silver Brooches

    Here a small collection of designs for silver brooches. Throughout the years I created an extensive range of designs for brooches. From left to to right: Silver in the shape of a deep sea coral, two silver brooches, partly mat and shiny silver, Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan.
  • "Armadillo" - Silver Ring, Lapis Lazuli

  • "Lucky Clover" - Golden Cufflinks

    They could be made for you in any color gold or in silver.
  • Golden Cufflinks, Lapis Lazuli, Afghanistan

    I cut the stones from the original raw material. The cufflinks I made in 18 ct. warm yellow gold.
  • Forms Of Nature

    Here a few examples of designs I made. Designs based on natural shapes of nature.
  • Silver Ring, Tourmaline

    This rather exceptional ring is forged from various silver parts. Some are highly polished, others are left fractionally matte. One single central part of the ring reminds of the structures from a tree. (Birch).
  • "Bouquet de Fleurs" - Rubies

    Warm yellow gold ring forged to move twice around the finger. Set into the ring, two fine Burmese rubies, pointing each in a separate direction. Would you like to know more about this design, please click on the red i.
  • Delicate Golden Ring, Natural Fossile

    A client brought this little fossile to my shop. Together, we decided what best to do with it. For more info, please click on the red i.
  • The Journey