• "Dance of the Tsavorites"

  • “Wings” - Warm Yellow Gold, Sapphire

    Gentle yet powerful. Once you slide it onto your finger, the magic and beauty of this ring will fully unfold.
  • "Facets" - Warm Yellow Gold, Baguette Cut Diamond

  • "Facets" - Palladium White Gold, Baguette Cut Diamond

  • Palladium White Gold - Diamond

    Two forged pieces of palladium white gold strongly holding the diamond.
  • "Wave In Motion" - Diamond - Palladium White Gold, Yellow Gold

    Two separately forged gold rings which are combined into one ring. In this case two colors gold where used. Set into the ring a white, baguette cut diamond.
  • “Triangle” - Aquamarine - Palladium White gold

    The clear blue aquamarine is of an intense color and full of life. Whoever will wear this ring will be pleasantly surprised by how perfect it fits around the finger and how comfortable it is with every movement of the hand.
  • “Triangle” - Aquamarine - Palladium White Gold

    The picture of the "Triangel" ring, taken from various perspectives.
  • “Triangle” - Tourmaline - Yellow Gold

    The “Triangel” ring in warm yellow gold with a splendid and very lively green tourmaline.
  • "Ancient Ice"

    Shiny structures remind of ice and snow. The design of these rings was inspired by ice and glaciers. Just like their ever changing surface, so will the structure of these rings never stay the same.
  • "Ancient Ice" - Sterling Silver with a Surface Structure

    Silver rings, Their surface structure remind of snow and ice....glaciers.
  • Wide And Strong Silver Forged Rings

    The two rings shown in the picture are very solid. Although their appearance is quite big, they are forged in such a way that the motion of your hand and finger will be comfortable.
  • "Ancient Ice” - Sterling Silver Rings with Surface Structures

    Shiny structures remind of ice and snow. The design of these special rings was inspired by ice and glaciers. And just like their ever changing surface, these rings move on your hand to the ancient rhythms of ice.
  • "Rocks" - Solid Sterling Silver Rings

  • "Lava" - Rings, Oxidized Sterling Silver

  • "Glaciers"

  • "Wheel Of Time” - Warm Yellow- and Palladium White Gold, Clear Blue Sapphire

    Strong and subtle rings. Here with a clear blue baguette cut sapphire in the lady’s ring.
  • "Wheel Of Time” - Warm Yellow Gold, Ruby

    Here the same design shown in a warm yellow gold and with a red ruby.
  • Gold Ring, Free Design, Lapis-Lazuli, Afghanistan

    Fluently gliding lines, open spaces, a feeling of lightness. All of this in combination with the use of finest materials such as this even and perfectly natural color blue lapis lazuli.
  • "Natural Flow" - Yellow- and White Gold Bands, Forged Slightly Uneven, Sapphire

    On the surface of both rings, the hammer marks are clearly visible. Shape of sapphire and ring form a perfect match.
  • "In Love" - Rose Sapphire - Palladium White Gold, Yellow Gold

    A rather special pink sapphire
  • Gold and Silver Rings

    I designed these rings in such a way, that they will perfectly fit around the finger. You can either choose a matte or a shiny finish.
  • "Birds & Dolphins" - ring farthest to the right "Dolphins"

    Due to the many openings in this design, the ring appears to be light and graceful.
  • "Bouquet de Fleurs" - Sapphire

    Warm yellow gold ring. Fine Sri Lankan sapphires, pointing each in a different direction.
  • "Bird Migration" - Silver Ring

    It is a large and wide silver ring that harmoniously fits into the hand and will be worn surprisingly comfortable.
  • Palladium White Gold - Tourmaline -

    The design of this ring is a-symmetrical, yet fully balanced. The color of the tourmaline is quite exceptional.
  • Smoothly Finished Engagement or Wedding Bands, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby

    The finish of these fine minimalistic gold bands is done in such a way that you can wear one ring only or combine a few rings on one finger. A different stone in each ring.
  • Gold Ring, Warm Yellow, Tourmaline

    Ring design in a warm yellow gold, here shown with a fine green tourmaline. I also made the ring in white gold with an oval diamond. The picture can be found under the section "Diamond Design”.
  • Gold Ring, Tourmaline, Verdelite

    An elegant and a somewhat classic design. The ring is made of a warm yellow gold and with a fine, deep green tourmaline.
  • "Bouquet de Fleurs" - Tourmalines

    A warm yellow gold ring. Two dark green tourmalines, pointing each slightly in a separate direction.
  • Gold Ring, Tourmaline, Brasil

    A dark green tourmaline, set into a warm yellow gold ring.
  • Yellow Gold, White Gold, Marquise Cut Ruby, Sapphire

    A fine blue sapphire in the palladium white gold- and a deep red ruby set into the warm yellow gold ring.
  • "English Classic” - Sapphire, Topaz, Green Peridot, Ruby

    You can order this elegant and classic ring with any color stone you like. A diamond would look very pretty too.
  • "Celtic Forged Bands" - Diamond, Ruby

    Both rings where forged slightly irregular, allowing the surface and the edges to show some minimal sparkle in the light.
  • Naturally Sculptured Shapes, Emerald, Sapphire

    You can order these naturally shaped rings in any color gold and with a gemstone of your choice.
  • Delicate Gold Ring - Natural Fossil -

    From one of my travels I brought home this lovely fossil with which I made this somewhat classic looking, timeless gold ring.
  • Silver Ring, Tourmaline

    The ring was forged from various silver parts. Some where polished high gloss, others where made fractionally matte. One single central part of the ring reminds of the structures of a tree. (Birch).
  • Yellow and White Gold Combined, Rose sapphire

Here is a selection of designs that I have made in just about four decades. Many of my pieces from the past have not been photographed. They are somewhere out in the world. However, the collection on my website will give you a good insight of the developement of my work throughout the years.