• Silver Necklace, Slightly Curved Lines

    The separate links of this necklace are forged into a gentle curve resulting in a perfect fit around the neck. It can be made in any color gold you like.
  • Aquamarine, Palladium White Gold, Forged Necklace

    Aquamarine comes from the Latin Aqua Marina, which simply means “water from the sea”. It is a beautiful and clear description for this bright blue stone.
  • Silver Forged Necklace, Pendant, Aquamarine

    Smooth silver necklace which will fit easy and comfortable around the neck. The pendant with the aquamarine can also be ordered separately.
  • Fine Handmade Necklaces, Warm Yellow Gold, Palladium White Gold

    Each link has a slightly different length. This fine chain can be made for you in any length and in the color gold you like.
  • Pendants, Warm Red Garnet, Green Peridot, Blue Sapphire

    The pendants can be ordered in silver or in gold and with the stone of your choice.
  • Pendant, Yellow Gold, Green Peridot

    A delicate pendant which can be ordered with a necklace of your choice.
  • Pendant, Palladium White, Sapphire

    Here the same design in palladium white gold with a dark blue sapphire.
  • Tourmaline, Silver Pendant, Forged Necklace

    Silver handmade pendant with a light green tourmaline.
  • Golden Pendants, Necklace White Gold, Diamonds, Tourmaline

    The pendants in this picture are made with diamonds and a tourmaline. The white gold chain is handmade as well.
  • Golden Pendant - Diamonds

  • Silver Necklace, Tourmaline Crystal

    The character of the silver links had to be as close to the pure tourmaline crystal as possible
  • Silver Necklace "Ancient Ice"

    The surfaces of these links are partly rough and partly shiny.
  • Various Designs, Golden Necklace, Pendants

  • Matching Pair Of Wedding Pendants, Yellow- And White Gold Combined, Sapphires

    For those who are not so keen on wedding rings, I designed these matching pendants. One for each partner. Their contours fit into each other.