Servicing en check-up of your jewels (purchased from my collection)

Just as any material that is in use on a regular or even daily base, the precious metal that is used in your jewels is subject to wear and tear. But also unforeseen situations such as (slight) damage caused by hitting your jewel or dropping it, may have an adverse affect on the overall stability of the piece or may cause the setting of your stone to be unsafe. Therefore, when collecting your jewel at my shop, you will have been given the information that I offer a yearly service of your purchased jewel. It is highly advisable to make use of this service on a yearly base. (Or directly after an acute situation such as described above has occurred). It is important in order to determine the strength and stability of the settings of your stones, the continuous strength of chain links, closures etc. and of the overall quality of your jewel. During such a service I will also clean your stone so that it will be bright and sparkly again and if you would like me to polish your gold or silver, I will gladly do so. Within a period of 12 months this extended service and cleaning of your jewel will be free of charge. After the 12 month period the cost of such maintenance will depend on the amount of time needed to control, clean and re-polish your jewel.

By making use of my maintenance service, I can determine if a certain part of your jewel is eligible for repair or replacement. I will then also be able to give you an exact quote or an estimate of the cost for such work.

In case of a necessary re-sizing of a purchased piece from my collection or any other work that may have to be done on any of my designs in your collection, I highly recommend that you will not have this done by any other company other then mine. In case that anyone else works or has worked on one of my pieces, I will no longer be able to guarantee its strength and quality. In case that you may have any questions regarding your jewel, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. I shall answer your questions swiftly and where possible will give you the appropriate advice.

Important notice:
The maintenance service that I offer is meant to help determine the overall situation of your jewel. However it can only be seen as an evaluation of the momentary condition. By no means can it be a guarantee for the future. Due to acute or unforeseen situations (i.e. dropping the piece, or causing acute damage to it in whatever way) may create an instant necessity to bring it to me again in order to have its strength and quality ascertained.

In order to be able to enjoy your precious jewel for many years to come, besides making use of my regular maintenance service, you can help by looking at your jewel(s) critically from time to time to see if you discover any changes that may have occurred. Have you noticed anything, or are you uncertain, then I would strongly advice not to wear the piece for the moment but to contact me right away so that I can give you appropriate advice. You can also make a simple picture of the piece and mail it to me.

When planning to bring a jewel that you wish to have serviced to my studio, please first make an appointment via e-mail. To make it possible to service your jewel while you wait, it is necessary to allow a minimum of 14 days prior to visiting me.

Thank you!