Last updated June 3, 2021

This Privacy Notice explains the types of personal information we collect and how we use and protect that information.


What does this Privacy Statement apply to?
This Privacy Notice applies to personal information collected by Galerie Hans Dietze in connection with the services we offer. This Privacy Notice is hereby incorporated into and forms part of the terms and conditions of use of the applicable website of Galerie Hans Dietze. For information about your privacy rights, please read the following chapters below. Contact information of how to reach Galerie Hans Dietze is provided below the text of this statement.

Your consent
By using the website of Galerie Hans Dietze, you are consenting to the relevant Galerie Hans Dietze company to collect and use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to the collection and the use of your personal information in this way, please do not use the website of Galerie Hans Dietze or otherwise provide the relevant Galerie Hans Dietze company with your personal information.

We have great regard for, and deeply respect, your privacy. We never sell, share, or disclose any personal information about you, including your email address.

Galerie Hans Dietze will only collect and use your personal information where it is fair and lawful to do so. In most cases, we will ask for your consent explicitly but, in some cases, we may infer consent from your actions and behavior. You are not obliged to provide such consent but if you decide not to, then your participation in certain activities may be restricted. (I.e. such as being able to use the contact form on our website. If you provide additional consent, the terms of that consent shall prevail in the event of any conflict with the terms of this Privacy Notice.

Please note, however, that we may process your personal information without consent if we have a legitimate reason to do so, provided that such use will not have a prejudicial effect on your own rights, freedoms and interests. Any such use shall be in accordance with the privacy principles of Galerie Hans Dietze as set out in this privacy statement.

What personal information do we collect?
In this Privacy Notice, your "personal information" means information or pieces of information that could allow you to be identified. This typically includes information provided by you to us directly and voluntarily such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and additional information that is relevant to your request or to your order.

How do we use your personal data ?
We may use your personal information to:

  • contact you regarding your request and/or your order, provided you have given us consent to do so or you have previously ordered a design or requested a service from us and the communication is relevant or related to that prior request and made within any timeframes established by applicable laws.

How long do we store your personal data ?
Any personal data that you have provided us with, may be stored by us for the length of time that is reasonably required to fulfill your order. We may keep any such data, including data that are related to your purchase or your order for a time period that is equal to the length of the legal period of consumer guarantee.

If you wish that your personal data and the data related to your purchase will be stored with us without time limitation, it is mandatory by law to provide us with your written consent. You may do so via e-mail. The (e-mail) address can be found below the text of this Privacy Statement. You have the explicit legal right to revoke any once given consent. We recommend that you read the section “Your privacy rights and who to contact” as stated in this Privacy Statement.

Your personal data are save with us
Any personal data that you have shared with us is stored by us safely and secure. It is stored in our own password secured computer. Your personal data shall not be sold, shared or disclosed by us.

Please take note of the following exceptions to this rule. We may disclose personal digitally stored data when/with:

  • required by law or a court ruling
  • our Dutch provider of the hosting environment (with whom we have a processors agreement). The webhoster is bound to the privacy regulations as required by GDPR. When visiting our website your IP number will, for a limited time period, be stored with this web hosting company. Your IP number is stored for security reasons only and will be automatically deleted again. The IP number does not reveal any personal information about you.

Who has access to your personal data
Hans Dietze, owner of Galerie Hans Dietze, has the sole right to access clients personal data. No-one other at Galerie Hans Dietze is authorized to access any data that is provided by you.

Your privacy rights and who to contact
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how we handle your personal information, then you may contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link on the homepage of the website of Galerie Hans Dietze. Or use the e-mail link provided below this text. You have the right to tell us if you:

  • don't want to be contacted by us in the future
  • would like a copy of the personal information which we hold about you
  • would like us to correct, update, or delete your personal information in our records
  • wish to report any misuse of your personal information

To assist us in dealing with your request, please provide your full name and details. We will respond to your request in the shortest possible time. Usually within a few days. A maximum time frame within to respond as set out by EU law is a period of no more then 4 weeks.

Third party websites
Our website contains links to third-party websites. If you follow these links, you will exit our website. This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites. Galerie Hans Dietze cannot accept liability for the use of your personal data by third-parties. Your use of such websites is at your own risk. For more information on how these third-parties treat your personal information, please check their privacy policy (if available).

Cookies Cookies are small data files which are downloaded onto your device by the website which you are visiting. The next time you visit the same website, cookies ensure that your device is recognized. By using cookies and similar technologies this website can save information about visits and visitors. If you do not want such cookies on your device, you can refuse the use of cookies through your browser’s settings.

Communicating with Galerie Hans Dietze
When sending us e-mails, your e-mail correspondence may be stored by us in our e-mail account. The time of storage will, within reason, be related to the content of your message. In order to be allowed to keep your e-mail messages stored in our e-mail account without any time limitations, it is mandatory by law to have your written consent. You can do so by sending us your consent through e-mail. You have the legal right to revoke this consent at any given moment. The contact e-mail address can be found on the various pages of our website or underneath this Privacy Statement.

The Contact Form
In order to be able to send your request, we require you to fill in various fields in the contact form. Some of the fields with an Asterisk [*] are required and the ones without the [*] are voluntary fields.

Changes to our Privacy Notice
We may change this Privacy Notice from time to time by posting the updated version of the Privacy Policy on the website of Galerie Hans Dietze. We encourage you to visit frequently to stay informed about how we use your personal information.

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