• Silver Earrings “Angel Wings”

    A subtle play with repeating shapes. The earrings are very well balanced and gently move from ear to cheek. For more details, please click on the red i.
  • Golden Earrings “Angel Wings”

    The same design again. Now in a warm yellow gold. For more details, please click on the red i.
  • Golden Ear Pendants, Bright Blue Sapphire

    Into contrary directions forged golden ear pendants, ending into bright blue sapphire.
  • Silver Ear Jewels, Lapis Lazuli

    Symmetric a-symmetry, a contradiction it may be, but I do like to work with this theme. The achievement of the balanced imbalance..... If you would like to be informed about my work, please click on the red i. Thank you!
  • Golden Ear Jewels, Citrine

    Forged into a slight curve these jewels move elegantly from the ear towards the cheek. Set into them are two rich, honey colored citrines.
  • Earrings - "Narrow-Wide"

    Also available in yellow- or white gold.
  • White Gold Earrings

    A subtile play with repeating shapes. They perfectly rest on the ear.
  • Earrings - Silver

  • Earrings - Silver - Raw - Smooth

  • Golden Ear Jewels "Nofretete"

    Honey colored Citrin, set into a warm, deep-yellow color gold. I specially made the alloy for these stones.
  • Golden Ear Jewels, Bi Color Turmaline

    From the moment of coming across these special stones to the point of completing the design, actually a couple of years went by. In some remote corner of ones mind, shapes, lines, a whole design continuously develops, often rather unconsciously. In the end the result may appear to be just „natural”. All the elements of the final design where already given in the natural piece......
  • Golden Ear Pendants, Diamond

    They move in a gentle motion from the ear downwards. These elegant ear pendants carry a half carat diamond on each side.
  • Silver Ear Jewels, "Leaves"

    Nature is an infinite provider to my inspiration. Here these long and slender "leaves".
  • Palladium White - Earrings

  • Golden Earrings

  • Golden Earrings - Diamonds

  • Golden Pendants - Natural Coral