• "See-Sand-Brooch"

    In nature all around us we can find beautiful designs and playful lines. In this case I was inspired by the gentle movement of waves touching the sand
  • "The Butterfly"

    Silver brooch with lapis-lazuli.
  • Gold Brooch, Tourmaline And Diamond

    Yellow gold brooch with a deep green tourmaline combined with a baguette cut diamond.
  • Silver Brooch, River Stone

    Sometimes, pure and simple beauty is what strikes me most. Just looking at that natural pebble, in an instant I knew in which direction I would want to work.
  • Silver Brooch, Structured Surfaces, Tourmaline

    I enjoy working with silver and to explore the possibilities it offers. With this superbly interesting material, one can achieve great structures and surfaces. Here in combination with two bright green tourmalines.
  • Silver Brooch, Natural Shell

    Just walking the beaches of some far away land....one may find all kinds of natural goodies.....such as for example this shell seemingly resembling a human ear....The black "coral" holding it, in fact is a forged and darkened piece of silver.
  • Silver Brooch "Coral Branch"

    Having been inspired by what I saw during a diving excursion, this is one of the designs I consequently made. Silver, partly darkened, and polished. Smooth and raw. The kind of structures you might expect when you’re exploring the under water world.
  • Silver Brooches, Afghan Lapis Lazuli

    The brightness of the blue is real and superb. "Real" I can truly call it, because I had the rare chance to by this material in it's raw shape. Therefore I knew it could not be color enhanced as so many stones nowadays are. I cut the pieces myself and made these silver brooches.
  • Golden Brooch, Amazonite

    Every ones in a while, clients bring their stones to me in order to create a design for them. In this case the gentleman brought to me a fine Amazonite for which he wanted a brooch made, as a gift for his wife.
  • Silver Brooch, Melted Gold Elements, Imperial Topaz

    Sometimes I love working with rough and uncut crystals. They deserve a special kind of approach. Here is what I did with this splendid crystal of Brazilian Imperial Topaz.